2014-02-08 09.41.02Suzanne Commerford is the creator of SheBuilds, Australia’s Home Improvement community for women. 

In her ‘spare time ‘ she is also Director and General Manager of Australia’s largest building inspection business, Jim’s Building Inspections.

My story.

I was so frustrated to see thousands of building reports cross my desk each year and feel like I was just reporting on what was wrong without actually fixing anything!

I would often see homes that have deteriorated due to a simple lack of maintenance or that were being put to market, without some obvious, simple improvements that could have transformed the sale outcome.

Women make the decisions.

Like many women, I make many of the decisions for my household and home.  With some investigation I realised many of our clients, both vendors and home buyers, were women or women were playing a key role in the decision making.

I felt I could be of as much use on the other side of the desk, pro actively assisting women of all ages to independently and confidently tackle these tasks around the home.

Whether they had to by choice or by circumstance women can be better supported to act on issues around the home before they get worse or improve their properties so that they and their families benefit.

There’s more to ‘home’ than real estate decisions.

I also believe there is something more to the idea of a home than simply bricks and mortar or an opportunity to invest for wealth creation.

For many women, here and overseas safe and secure housing can make such a significant difference in their own and their family’s outcomes.

SheBuilds is also about creating security, stability, connection to place and community and the sense of pride and individual expression a home represents.  Although I am orientated more towards construction than cushion arranging!

I hope you enjoy and benefit from SheBuilds as much as I am enjoying creating this support network.

What will you build?

Suzanne now writes, speaks and coaches on the topic of encouraging women to build their independence and confidence with the skills and experience required to maintain and improve their homes and invest in property.

Suzanne is author of the soon to be released book, The Modern Woman’s Toolbox.  

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