Why SheBuilds?

There is plenty of home maintenance and renovation advice out there, but at SheBuilds you will find this advice is provided by a woman who has done it and is doing it with a full time job, three kids in tow and a limited budget!

And I think that’s worth more than hearing about a bloke who has his Saturday’s to himself to potter away or to see the achievements of a property investor that doesn’t have to drag kids around to open for inspections.

Choice or Circumstance?

Women make many of the decisions about the home,  often by choice and sometimes by circumstance.

  • Maybe you’re about to move out of home for the first time?
  • Maybe you are rocking singledom ? (oh the sleep ins)
  • Maybe you’ve married a useless hipster ? (good coffee, great conversation, nice beard but useless)
  • Maybe your hooked up with a tradie but are living the adage that it’s a builder’s home that’s never finished?
  • Maybe you’re separated, needing and wanting to be able to do things around the home you’ve never had to before?
  • Maybe you’re one of the growing number of very capable mature women out there who are seeing out their older years alone?

Or just maybe – like me – you are more interested in construction than cushion arranging ???

Whatever your circumstance or situation, SheBuilds provides achievable and practical advice about the home to help you Be Confident and Be Independent.

But maybe its bigger than that.

I’ve moved eight times in eight years, across the country and around the suburbs.  I am currently building our forever home – seriously, be prepared to bury me there I am never moving again.

I know many that ascribe to the belief that home is where your lay your hat and who have led bigger and better lives because of their willingness to literally expand their horizons.  I also know many who are serial renovators moving from project to project and loving it.

But for me I can’t wait to put down roots, to not move my girls again, to have connection to place, people and community.  To grow a garden and watch the trees take root.

But I’m lucky.

Both generationally and situation-ally.  My husband actually snorted a bit and looked at me with incredulity when I suggested it wasn’t that long ago (ie my grandmother and great grandmother) that independent property ownership was probably out of their reach, if not legislatively then certainly as a consequence of their role in the household.

His little snort reminded me not to take for granted my financial capacity or the regulatory entitlement to land ownership.

However this experience is still reality for women in emerging countries and I would even argue right here for Indigenous Australian Women who through circumstance would reasonably expect to move throughout their lives without ever owning – in the western sense – property.

I spent much of my life growing up in the Kimberley and my first real job (after checkout chick) was at Homeswest – the state housing authority.  My job was to process maintenance orders.  I saw first hand how housing security influenced people’s well being and was witness to many people coming to the counter requesting emergency accommodation due to violence, abuse and extreme poverty.

I also could see the direct correlation between personal identity and self worth and the state of the housing.  Health outcomes are also irrevocably linked to the condition of the housing.

So what to do?

As Director of Jim’s Building Inspections I now see thousands of reports throughout each year documenting defects, albeit from the comfort of my office.

I can continue to sit here and not do so much about it, after all run down, structurally defective homes are the fear that drives much of the work for my team or I could do something that makes a difference.

I think making a difference is something I could do.  I know what I want to build.

What will you build?