TheBlock - SheBuilds and the Representation of Women in Reality TV

Am I the only one peaking about the representation of women on the current series of The Block?

In recent media coverage its been revealed that the ‘single mums’ on the show were ripped off by tradies, an expensive mistake that they’ve apparently spent the rest of the show trying to make up.
In other examples news coverage by the esteemed Australian (albeit on-line) is hyping up an alleged relationship between Suzi Taylor (one of the Single Mums) and Tim Wise a producer of the reality show.
Aside from these obvious targets there have been pom poms for another contestant.  The promotional pictures continue to also show more and more skin for the female contestants than in series past.
Women on The Block have invariably been offerred the ‘pink’ costume and shorts and singlets were a frequent occurrence but midriffs and boobs have taken over the show.  I am starting to wonder at its ratings (and when I turned into my mother).
Could it point to the consumer’s waning interest in the show?  Is this a last ditch attempt to hold the attention of the audiences?
And should we look to other on-line offerings as a counter point to the frankly at times insulting and at other times ridiculous portrayal of women on mass media DIY Reality Shows?

Viewing Alternatives to The Block

1) Three Birds Renovations

After swapping stilettos for steel caps, these three best friends now have 8 kids and a passion for renovating.  So much so they abandoned their corporate careers to renovate full time.  Its not just renovating homes inspo, its renovating your life inspo.

Do yourselves a favour and subscribe.

2) Fixer Upper

Yes, its American but… Fixer Upper is also really practical, inspiring and uplifting.

2) Healthy Homes Australia

Block Alumni Dani Wales is involved in this project that looks at how to create a healthy home.

What are you watching?  Let us know in the comments and we’ll share it with the sheBuilds audience.

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About Suzanne Commerford

Suzanne has stepped out from behind the desk of Australia's largest home inspection business to build the skills, confidence and independence of women to tackle maintenance and home improvement projects around the home.


  • Yes, yes and yes. I absolutely agree! I fail to see how this could possibly be a postive for women. Well said. X

    • Glad I am not the only one! (I’ll probably still watch the reveals on Sunday nights or catch up later on their app thingy). I also feel for the women as I imagine they were asked to dress or wear what the network wanted.

  • Hi! I am a self-employed qualified carpenter with my own business in Melbourne. On my web page is a YouTube link to a series of HD videos l’ve had produced that shows viewers how to fix common carpentry and maintenance problems around their home. That’s great watching too!

    • Hi Marcelle
      Can you share your web page or the youtube link. I’ll check it out and help promote it for sure. I am also slowly setting up a trade directory for women tradies and would love to feature you on that.
      I’ll email you a bit later – need to rush off and buy a fathers day present (ie a tool I really want, masquerading as a present for him!)

  • Hmm, I’ve yet to see the advertising for The Block, but after seeing the images above, all I can see is pushed up boobs. That’s not what being a woman in the trades is about. I agree with your post. I generally watch The Block for interior inspiration, but the last few years I think the ratings have changed – sometimes because of the chosen contestants. It will be interesting to see what the new season holds.

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