Follow the Build of our Forever Home

Follow the Build of our Forever Home

In case you missed it, you’ll know that the dust has settled on the demolition of the old house and I continue to lick my wounds from a $4,000 budget blow out, undoubtedly the first of many.

Follow My Build and you’ll at least – hopefully – not make the same mistakes as me.

Here’s part 1.

Here’s part 2.

This week:

  • Finance is due to be finally released – thankyou @NAB
  • The builder will get a signed copy of the build contract in the mail
  • Our build permit should be issued

As a consequence we might finally see some action on site…after waiting for over a year!

I’ve had to learn a lot about being assertive as a female onsite. Read all about it here.

Anyway, this waiting period got me thinking…building a new property is kind of like giving birth (have I grossed out our male audience yet?!)


Well, there’s usually a lead up to that moment of way more than 9 months, and it’s consisted of financial wrangling, seemingly insurmountable hurdles, permit wars, cravings and indigestion and a sense of paralysing indecision only comparable to choosing your first pram.

Finally getting to see some outcome at the end of that process —the baby — is a blessed relief.

Although, like most new parents, you discover quickly that it’s just the start of a long, exhausting and rewarding journey.  Come along.

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