Electrician joins the Support a Sista Trade Directory

Say hi to Amy.

The latest addition to the Support a Sista trade directory is an electrician.

Pinkster Electrics is doing all the right things in Mildura, Victoria and apparently those of us in SE Melbourne need not be discouraged she’ll sort out our electrical works here too.

We’ll be putting Amy’s details up on our Trade Directory so that you can contact her for¬†electrical quotes on home repairs, renovations and improvements.

Pinkster Electrics was created by Amy Pinkster.  She saw a real need in the electrical market for people who would prefer a female electrician, or at least like to have the choice.

So what do women want from Electricians?

Amy is half Dutch (I’m half German so I know what she means), therefore slightly stubborn and a little bit pedantic.
Pinkster Electrics takes a lot of pride in their work and will leave their work site clean, their power points, switches, lights (and anything else that has an edge) level, and lights in line with each other where applicable.
Love it!
Support Amy on her Facebook page too.
Pinkster Electrics

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