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Stocking up at Bunnings Tradedesk - SheBuildsStocking up at Bunnings - The Trade Desk by SheBuilds

Renovations are well under way at our Frankston investment property, and just like I outlined in this blog post , I’ll be pitching in by fetching supplies.

Like I mentioned previously, if you’re a woman on a worksite and you’re feeling a bit useless, tasks like this are a great way to take initiative.  You also avoid paying your trades an hourly rate to wonder around Bunnings, have a chat at the trade desk and pick up a coffee.

For the first time I parked outside the trade entrance of Bunnings.  It’s the mystical man cave entrance to Bunnings that I’ve never felt entitled to enter.

I didn’t drive through, (too nervous) but you actually can.  Next week’s challenge is to give that a crack.

Importantly for my semi-professional renovating business I have set up a $10,000 Trade Account at Bunnings (you do it online).

You do need to have an ABN to organise one of these trade accounts, but that doesn’t mean (and we aren’t) running a company or submitting quarterly BAS (GST) returns.

We’ll be claiming our expenses and income against our personal tax returns annually.  We are however doing our renovation as an ‘enterprise’ which is a requirement to get an ABN.  So you fit this bill you can apply for an ABN as a sole trader.  No joy for Principal Place of Residence renovators. Sorry!

And the bonus is an up to 15% discount.

How do you get this magical discount at Bunnings? Hang out with the amazing crew at Renovating for Profit for three days and its part of the package.

Its a big investment financially and in terms of time but through their national influence Bunnings has offered a package to me as a graduate that sees me receiving anywhere from 5%-15% off.  The savings are definitely adding up across this renovation.

A few tips for first-time shoppers at Tradeside / Darkside of Bunnings.

  1. Take advantage of the ability to drive through – especially if its raining.
  2. Don’t take the kids to this end of Bunnings, because of the drive through.
  3. Don’t overload your trolley. The trolleys at this end of Bunnings are supersized so I went nuts and overloaded it, had to abandon it and get some guys to help me get it to the counter
  4. Plan your purchasing; know what you are doing for the week, get a materials list from your trades and get it delivered.  Delivery is about $80 a pop but it saves you trying to do Tetris in the car.
  5. Take advantage of the helpful chaps, it is very overwhelming and stuff starts to look the same and your tradies may have given you things on a list and you don’t even know what they are … ask.
  6. Get on a first name basis with the (usually) ladies at the trade desk, they are very knowledgeable and helpful and love to see a lady on the other side of the desk.

How often are you at Bunnings or do you prefer one of the other chains?  Mitre 10 or Masters and have you seen the hardware loot at Costco – letting me in there is like letting a kid loose in a candy store.

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  • Carolyn Johnston says:

    Hi, I am live in Adelaide so no access to ‘Renovating for Profit’ to get the Bunnings discount. If I open a trade account with my ABN will I get any discount do you think? I spend a fortune at Bunnings 🙂

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I think its worth doing the account at Bunnings with your ABN even without the RFP discount, you get their emails and sale notifications and you can do things like go to trade events and product demonstrations as well. I think you may get some little discounts along the way as well.

      Have a crack!

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