How Women Can Learn To Use Power Tools Safely


Love answering your questions! Here’s a favourite of mine about how to use power tools safely…even if you’ve never picked up a power tool in your life!

Here is one from Samantha:

Hi Suzanne!

We’ve recently renovated our holiday house. I’ve painted our kitchen splashbacks. I’ve painted our bathroom tiles. I’ve got tradesmen to do most of the other stuff. I’d love to be able to use power tools to put stuff together and fix things al by myself….but I cant even use a drill! How do I learn how to do this? My hubby is a desk worker. 🙁

I hear you Samantha!

Although my husband is a builder and generally handy with a power tool, getting him to do the work is an entirely different challenge.

So learning how to use power tools – those, big, sharp, loud instruments our dads used but mothers mostly never touched – can be a bit daunting. I swear it’s a lot easier than most things. If you can follow instructions, you’ll be fine.

Getting started is easy.  Here’s how:

Teach yourself how to use power tools safely

  1. Buy a cheap drill

Check Bunnings – my favourite home improvements store – and buy a cheap Ozito cordless drill. That way, if you break it within the first few goes, you won’t have to cry over wasted money.

  1. Buy some drill bits

You can grab a small bundle of these in Bunnings. The guys on-hand will show you a basic suite of common drill bits, including a Phillips head and a Flathead bit.

Flathead drill bit    Phillips Head Drill Bit

  1. Watch some home improvement videos

I’ll put some videos together shortly on how to use your new tools, but in the mean time, here is a hilarious YouTubevideo that’s as practical as it is pant-splittingly funny.


  1. Have a crack at it on something you don’t care about

Find some scraps of timber and do as Uncle Cracker says. A great way to try starting out is to use your drill to put flat pack furniture together. A great excuse to go furniture shopping!

During our latest renovation I took on heaps of work.  My husband was able to teach me how to use a drop saw, a mini nail gun for fixing in skirting and architraves and a grinder which I used to cut tiles, and once the initial few cuts were done, the fear disappeared.


My advice to you? Just start. You don’t need anyone’s permission when it comes to taking charge on your work site.




I want to hear from you!

What’s your biggest fear when it comes to tackling home renos? Have you heard of the Lady Tradie Revolution? Be sure to read my post for more tips on hands on renovation of your home.

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