The Block Handbook – fatigue and work site management

Josh and Charlotte - The Block Triple Threat

Josh and Charlotte – The Block Triple Threat

Fatigue = Melbourne Cup Drunk

A recurrent theme in this week’s episodes and most episodes of The Block is the role that fatigue plays.  The show’s participants are often extending full 24-hr periods of work, all without rest.  We see them breaking down emotionally, and this also affects their performance on a work site.

This week we saw Josho putting door handles on back to front and Luke struggling with indecision when faced with competing tasks.  These poor blokes just need a good night’s sleep! It makes me wonder if a serious accident is just around the corner.

In 2010, Dr Chan from the University of Sydney published a report that found fatigue heavily influences work site safety, including a failure to follow procedures or use safety equipment correctly.

“If you eliminate fatigue, you also eliminate other so-called ’causes’ of accidents,” said Dr Chan.

In a nut shell: being tired on the job site is the equivalent to being really, really tipsy. Like Melbourne Cup drunk.  If you’re not well rested on your renovation work site, you operate at twice the legal safe driving limit or 0.10% blood alcohol concentration. Yikes!

This is an issue close to home for me, because we’re just about to come out the other side of having two small children.  The little ones, in the way small children do, have ferociously robbed us of our sleep.

In fact, the hubby and I recently had to travel overnight for work and sneakily faked a ‘very important meeting’ so we could catch a later flight back the next day and sleep in.  If you are ever in Canberra try Hotel Hotel. It’s totally worth it! I slept in until 9am in luxuriant, dungeon darkness.

So, the next time you race from Bunnings back to the work site, or if you find yourself making a series of small mistakes, take a power nap.

It may be all you need to get you and your renovation back on track!


Vent your spleen

What do you think is the biggest cause of accidents on a renovation project? What’s the worst injury you’ve had? Did fatigue play a part?  Leave me a comment!

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