SheBuilds is searching for Australia’s best lady tradies.

We are creating a directory and free trades listing for women in home improvement and maintenance trades.  Please send / share / post this to lady tradies in your area!

Registrations are open on an ongoing basis.

Guess what?  

There’s no catch or cost to register.  You’ll need to fill out a form to qualify and provide the required information but after that you will receive leads for work enquiries in your area and be promoted, supported and profiled in the SheBuilds community.  This is a show of SheBuild’s support for women in non-traditional roles and will be followed by the launch of a PD Sponsorship and Annual Award.

Check out Support a Sista for detail.


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About Suzanne Commerford

Suzanne has stepped out from behind the desk of Australia's largest home inspection business to build the skills, confidence and independence of women to tackle maintenance and home improvement projects around the home.

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