Welcome to SheBuilds.

We launch in January 2015 as Australia’s home improvement community for women.  SheBuilds is dedicated to building the skills, confidence and independence of women by equipping with the knowledge to take on projects at home.

Why SheBuilds?

By choice or by circumstance women are often home alone.  Even if they aren’t research shows the majority of us are making the decisions and spending the money at home.

Some of us are sick and tired of waiting for our husband’s to get around to the ‘To Do’ list.    Some of us have married helpless hipsters.

Many, like me, simply enjoy the satisfaction of doing jobs around the home without having to rely on a tradie or someone else to ride to the rescue. Others are taking it to the next level and are using property to build wealth.

She Builds:

  • Provides useful, practical online content to help you do the most common tasks at home
  • Builds a supportive and engaged online community for all your Q&A’s
  • Creates fun, engaging, face to face workshops for the confidence only hands on help provides
  • Supports women in non-traditional roles in trades based businesses by creating Australia’s leading directory of lady tradies
  • Offer a high value membership program for women wanting to build wealth and independence through property

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About Suzanne Commerford

Suzanne has stepped out from behind the desk of Australia's largest home inspection business to build the skills, confidence and independence of women to tackle maintenance and home improvement projects around the home.

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