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Wine Cellars - Alternative Storage Solutions for The Block

In case you missed it last week, The Blockheads were hard at creating their ground floors. They were designed to consist of two car spaces, a cellar, laundry and a dunny —sorry, I mean a Water Closet (WC).  It seemed like an awful lot of space to give over to fermented grape storage!

Storage Solutions and Wine Cellars - The Block

Storage and Wine Cellar Solutions - The Block

Storage Solution Alternatives for The Block

To be honest, I reckon a cellar is a status symbol rather than a practical solution.  If you invest in building a wine cellar, I give it less than 6 weeks of wine occupation before you find tool kits, boxes, bikes and more bric-a-brac taking over the wine racks.

I was glad to see David Morell, Buyers Advocate, supporting my position;

While wine cellars may look smart, he says they aren’t necessarily a value-adding feature.

“Just because it’s got a wine cellar doesn’t mean [buyers] are going to pay you $50,000 more. They’re not,” he said.  “They ultimately usually end up being used as storage rooms.”

It’s not just that it’s impractical – it’s unhelpful and unhealthy. As suggested, you’d be hit with the temptation of wine upon entry, and before you know it you’d be prone to open a bottle a day.

So what’s a smart, innovative home owner to do?

Turn it into a car space

If you’re living in an inner metro location, I’d turn the space over to either a high value additional car space or, better still, bike storage.

Store your family memory makers

I run a standard family of five. For me, that’s five push bikes, two prams, three scooters, two sets of golf clubs, an esky, camping gear, and a big tub of kids’ sports equipment.

Find a home for sporting equipment

I’m guessing The Blocks’ target market is not a fun-filled, active family of five.  But if you’re a modern, inner city woman, a wine cellar is the perfect place to stash exercise/sporting equipment that ends up clogging passageways around the home.  Isn’t it time you found a home for your road bike/expensive golf clubs/tennis rackets/trendy paddle boards?

Yes, wine cellars are visually impressive. They also infer cultural sophistication by association, so if keeping up with the Jones’ is your thing, go for gold. But I reckon you could make far better use of a wine cellar.

I recommend a panic room.

The Panic Room - alternate uses for a wine cellar 3  The Panic Room - alternate uses for a wine cellar 2  Panic Rooms and Storage Solution Alternatives to a Cellar

BTW – did you ever realise it was Kristen Stewart of brooding Twilight fame in that film with Jodie Foster?

Here are a few of my favourite panic room designs.

Panic Rooms and Storage Alternatives to Wine Cellars 2 - SheBuilds SheBuilds - Alternatives to wine stellars storage and panic rooms 1

Panic Rooms and Storage Alternatives to Wine Cellars - SheBuilds


Your turn!

What does your storage room or garage shed say about you?

What are you storing, stashing or hiding?

Or am I just unsophisticated?

Spill in the comments below.

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