Are you looking for something different for your next business networking or women’s event?

She Builds, Speaking and Workshops

She Builds, Speaking and Workshops


Suzanne is an experienced public speaker and provides interactive, amusing and practical advice to groups large or small on matters affecting women and the home.

Topics are available to support women interested in:

  • the Modern Woman’s Toolbox
  • what to look for when buying a home or investment property
  • renovation and home improvement strategies
  • building wealth through property investment
  • how to tackle independently every day maintenance jobs
  • healthy homes, what are they and how to get one
  • asbestos advice and guidance
  • safety in the home for families (children and ageing parents)

For more cerebral discussions and presentations about women, women’s property history and the connection between housing and women’s outcomes more broadly, just get in touch.



Speaking and Workshops - SheBuilds

Speaking and Workshops – SheBuilds

SheBuilds – Leaving Home

Leaving Home is an ideal workshop delivered for young women in secondary and tertiary education settings and can also be offered in small group sessions.

Leaving Home equips young women with basic knowledge about what to do when the most common things go wrong in their first time living out of the home.

Everything from what to do when the power goes out to how to deal with emergencies like getting locked out or even a water and gas leak – without calling on Dad everytime.


SheBuilds – Nesting

Starting a family?  Find out what you can do to make your home safe for baby and do your best to injury proof your home for growing toddlers and busy kids.

This is a practical workshop that suits parents and is a great refresher for hands on grandparents.

You’ll also get some great resources and equipment to take away and implement at home.


SheBuilds – Restart

Restart is ideal for groups of women have found themselves responsible for the home without a significant other due to the departure or absence of their partner.  This may suit:

  • Recently separated or divorced women
  • Women who have been widowed
  • FIFO families
  • Immigrant and refugee families

This workshop will cover the most common home emergencies and the basic recurrent maintenance that you can undertake yourself at home to maintain a safe, healthy home.

All workshop formats can be tailored to suit requirements and are available at locations you choose or we can supply them.